Legs: 8/9

Good Morning/Afternoon guys! (Depending on where you are in the world lol)  Yesterdays training was a squat focused lower body day. I typically enjoy having one training day that is more dedicated to squats and another leg day dedicated to working more accessory type movements. Being squats are a foundational exercises, I never compromise them and make sure I take my time to thoroughly warm up! The full workout went as followed: 

Warm up: 20 Minutes elliptical, plus 5 minutes mobility work

(Do not skip out on your warm ups. Squats are a total body exercise that require your entire body to warmed up appropriately!) 

1) Squats: 

15/15/10/10 (These were acclimation sets) 

My weights used: 45lb Bar/135/185/225

Work sets: (The most weight I have to work with right now is 300lbs so I hit 275lbs for a set of 5 reps first, and then finished with three sets for AMRAP using 300lbs and ended up hitting 13/10/10) 

2) Cable Leg curl 20/15/15 

*You may use a dumbbell instead if you don't have access to a machine/cable

3) Glute Cable pull through 15/15/12/12 

*This may be supplemented with a glute bridge using a dumbbell,barbell etc. 



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