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Legs (Hams/Glutes)

Good morning guys and Happy Friday! I'm usually not the person who "looks forward" to the weekends.. For me, I look forward to everyday I wake up alive and well. Everyday is amazing and life is great. However.. We're suppose to get some warm weather this weekend out here on Long Island (60's to be exact) Sooo that's something to be a little more excited about lol. I got in a solid leg day yesterday with a special guest! My younger sister Christina to be exact. She's been wanting to get a workout in with me so I thought why not kick her ass with a good ol' LEG DAY lol. This was primarily a hamstring focused workout although I did through in a little more glute accessory work than I normally would. Simple workout but definitely felt it all throughout both sides of my legs so enjoy and have a great weekend! 

Warm up: Stairs 15 mins followed by foam rolling 

1) Lying leg curls 20(Warm up) 20/15/8/8 drop 15

2) Quad extensions 20/20/20/20

3) Adductor X Abductor 30/30 25/20 20/20

4) Good mornings 15/15/12/12

5) Glute kickbacks 20/15/15 

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