Legs! (Hamstrings & Glutes)

Good Morning people! I hope you are all staying healthy and well despite the current pandemic we're fighting through. I know It's been a little while since I've posted on here.. but that changes TODAY!

I'll admit things got a little strange when gyms suddenly had to shut down due to the pandemic. I know the majority of people struggled A LOT when this all first started which is partly why I wasn't posting on here as much. However, with gyms opening up elsewhere, and a lot of people here in NY investing in their home gym equipment I decided to bring my daily #Quarantine workouts back to the blog!  

That being said, What better day to start with than a leg day right?! Obviously it comes as no surprise that throughout this quarantine, things have become quite repetitive since options are limited. Most of, if not all my movements involve some sort of barbell or dumbbell and yesterdays workout was no different.

I do happen to have an attachment that fits onto the end of the bench allowing leg extensions and leg curls to be performed which has helped a lot. I always start off my leg workouts with one or the other in order to get warm and get blood moving throughout the legs. If you don't have access to something like this do not worry! I will provide exercise alternatives as well if anything I list is not something you are able to do. Now, lets get into the workout! 


1) Lying leg curls 20/20 (Warm up sets) 

12/8/10/10 drop 12 

*If you have a bench and dumbbells, lying leg curls can easily be performed using both of these pieces of equipment. 

2) Romanian deadlifts 


My weights used as a reference: 225lbs/275lbs/315lbs/225lbs

3) Bulgarian split squats 12/12/12

*I was using 50lb dumbbells

4) Good Mornings 



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