Natural bodybuilding: Why ?

Natural bodybuilding: Why ?

Why am I a Natural Bodybuilder ?

 Where did it all start ?

-My journey in bodybuilding began at the age of about 12 or 13 years old and at the time, I used weight training as a means to stay out of trouble in school and cope with my emotions. At the time, my parents had been going through a divorce that left me feeling helpless and as the oldest of three children, I felt an immense amount of responsibility to try and keep my family together but after a while realized that I was not able to do so. I began acting out, getting into fights, suspended from school, you name it.. I needed something positive to put my energy into and eventually found my way into a gym, or at least my basement which was equipped with a few dumbbells, a bench press and squat rack. At the time I had a family friend who began to show me the ropes of training and gave me my start and eventually once I was about a freshmen in high school and after watching numerous youtube videos/ reading magazine articles I began to learn on my own and create my own style. It was at this point I was utterly obsessed with training and wanted to build my physique to the best of my ability !

To use enhancements or remain natural ?

-Even before I got to high school, my obsession with weight training was already quite excessive. So much so, that I would find bodybuilders who I aspired to look like and show them to my family friend who got me started in weight training every day. Eventually he had to sit me down and explain to me one of the dark sides of bodybuilding.. that being steroid usage. I was in disbelief that how I wanted to look could not be achieved without utilizing these forms of enhancements and it was from that moment on that I promised myself I would give everything I have to my training and build the best physique I possibly could without ever resorting to steroids. Till this day I am a fan of the sport of bodybuilding however knowing that I am in complete control of how I look is a much more satisfying feeling which was how I felt when I first started. I knew I had no control over anything that was going on around me as a young teen, but the feeling of being in control of my physical efforts and what I could look like was more than enough for me. I don’t like the feeling of having to rely on something(steroids) to accomplish a certain look. I am confident every time I train and look in the mirror that everything I have built physically is solely the result of my consistent hard work and dedication to my craft.


What do I recommend ?

-Personally, I do recommend that people remain natural in their physical training. Although the sport of bodybuilding is thriving I do wish to see natural bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts alike gain more attention and respect for what we do as it is extremely difficult in its own sense. If your goal is to one day be crowned a Mr.Olympia which the highest accolade in bodybuilding, then it remains no secret that you will eventually have to turn to steroid usage. However, if you simply enjoy the lifestyle of fitness, enjoy training and challenging yourself to improve in terms of physical appearance and strength, I would 100% recommend you remain a drug free athlete, and enjoy pushing your body to new limits with nothing but your own two hands and work ethic !

Anthony Confessore

Owner: Confessore Conditioning

“Create The Best You” 

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