Shoulders 1/1

Whats up people! Happy New Year to all!!! I hope everyone is doing well and is starting this year off on the right foot.. with a workout of course! Happened to be a bit of a coincidence this morning but I ended up training shoulders today which is exactly what I started the year off with last year. No I don’t have that good of a memory but Facebook memories sure as hell does lol.

So let’s get right into it.. Overall this was a great workout from start to finish. I felt really good and each exercise transitioned really well into the next. As you can tell there was a bit more focus on the posterior or rear delts in this workout. I normally won’t do two movements for them in a single workout but, I try to always maintain a healthy balance and give equal amount of attention to each part of the shoulder.

You guys know how this works.. The full workout from today is listed down below with all sets and reps included as well as my helpful tips or added instructions. If you happen to have any questions whatsoever all you need to do is reach out and I got you! You can email directly here 📲

I hope everyone enjoys the rest of their long holiday weekend and has a great first week of 2021!

Warm up: Some active stretching & band work for 5-10 mins. 

1) Reverse cable fly’s 20 (warm up) 

15/12/12 drop 15

2) Seated Military Press 15/12 (Acclimation sets)

10/8/6 drop 10

• Work up in weight each set, drop back down to your first working set weight and try to match how many reps you got.

3) Chest supported dumbbell front raise X reverse dumbbell fly 12/12 12/12 10/10 10/10

• This superset was posted to IG so you can reference the video there!

4) Seated dumbbell lateral raise 25/20/20/15

• I chose to do these seated in order to cut down on momentum.

5) Barbell shrugs 12/10/10 drop 20

• I went as heavy as I could here starting with 315lbs before moving to 405lbs for two heavy sets. I then decided to drop down to 315lbs and get as many clean reps as possible.

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