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Shoulders 1/29

Whats up guys! So I got in a very productive shoulder workout yesterday with Brittany. My back was still very sore from Tuesdays session so I tried to avoid as much rear delt work as possible. Focused on presses with this one. For the most part, all my shoulder workouts start off with a standing press. Yesterday I decided to go the dumbbell route as oppose to using the barbell. I'll usually alternate each week though. The lateral/front dumbbell complex is one of my absolute favorites and will destroy your shoulders!! Let me know how you like this one! Have a great day!!! 

Standing dumbbell press 15/12 (warm up) 

Work sets: 60lbs/10 70lbs/6 75lbs/4 60lbs/10 60bs/10

2) Dumbbell lateral raise to front raise complex 

(Perform one lateral raise and then one front raise with palms facing the floor equaling ONE rep)


3) Rope attachment face pull 20/20/20 drop 10 

4) Seated machine press using supinated grip 

12/10/10/6 drop 8 

5) Barbell shrugs 12/10/8 drop 10 drop 15 



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