Shoulders 12/11

Morning guys! I’m about ready to start my workout for today but before I did I wanted to get up last nights shoulder workout. This was a higher volume/high rep workout. After hitting some heavy presses early on the main focus of this workout was working the medial or outer most part of the shoulder. The front/lateral complex will really light you up and is one of my favorites! Let me know what you guys think or if you have any questions. Have a great weekend! 

Warm up: Band work + shoulder mobility (10 mins)

1) Seated dumbbell shoulder press 10/10 (Warm up sets) 

6/3/4/10/10 (Focus was going as heavy as possible and getting as many reps as I could)

2) Dumbbell lateral X front raise complex 15/15/15 

- For every one lateral raise performed, arms come back down to your side and then forward out to a front raise.

3) Kneeling rope attachment face pulls 15/12/12 drop 15 

4) Single arm dumbbell upright row 12/12/12

5) Low Cable lateral raise (behind back) 15/15/15/15

6) Seated dumbbell shrugs 12/12/10

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