Shoulders 2/13

Good Morning guys! So this week (Tomorrow actually) I'll be heading out on vacation! It's been four years since I have gone away so it will be nice to truly unplug for a little bit both mentally and physically. This week itself has been a little hectic between all the packing and other things that I had to do before leaving. Training this week has overall been pretty good actually. I've tried to get a little more crafty this week in the gym being that my workouts will be limited while away. I had a really good shoulder session yesterday though. This was a pretty simple workout but the order of these exercises just felt on point for some reason. Give this one a go if you're hitting shoulders today! 

1) Reverse pec deck 20/20 (warm up) 

Work sets: 20/12/10/10 drop 10

2) Seated machine press 25/15/15/12

3) Barbell upright row X dumbbell lateral raise 15/15 15/15 15/15

4) Barbell shrugs 12/10/8/8

5) Low cable lateral raise 20/20/20 drop 10 (Do your last set of 20, then perform your drop set on the same shoulder so it gets no rest!)


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