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Shoulders 2/7

Good Morning guys!! I hope everyone's day is off to a great start! I started my day rather early.. 4am to be exact! Got in a really good shoulder session though with my boy Angel. It's been a while since we trained and it just so happen that getting in the gym early today worked for us both. This workout was pretty simple but the intensity was through the ROOF! We started off with about seven total sets of military press a lone and took things from there, ultimately finishing off with my favorite giant set for shoulders. This workout definitely leFt me shoulders on fire so give this a try if you're hitting them today! Wishing you all safe and happy weekend! 

Warm up: (Light) Dumbbell reverse fly's X lateral raises 3x12-15 on each 

1) Military press 20/15/12 (Warm up sets) 

10/10/8/8/8 drop 6 drop AGAIN 8 (135lbs for the first five sets, dropping by 20lbs each drop set) 

2) Dumbbell front rasie's with supinated grip 15/12//10/10

3) High reverse cable flys X dumbbell shrugs 20/20 15/15 12/15 20/12

4) Dumbbell lateral giant set 20/15/12/10 X 3 ROUNDS!! NO BREAKS BETWEEN EACH SET!!!

*This last exercise was performed in giant set fashion meaning, you go from one set to the next, to the next etc with NO breaks!!! Once you finish all four sets than you rest.. The dumbbells I used were 20lbs/25lbs/30lbs/35lbs. Try to keep your reps as clean as you can! 

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