Shoulders and Triceps (Dumbbell Only!)

Well here we are guys! June fourth and we are still chipping away at these home workouts lol. I think I can speak for us all when I say I NEVER thought the gyms were going to be closed for THIS long! In any case, things can always be worse and all we can continue to do is give our best effort and get our workouts in anyway we can. It has actually been pretty cool to see so much creativity going on in the fitness world throughout this entire pandemic. 

I myself have been trying to get creative every time I train. A lot of exercises have been repeated (quite obviously) so I've been doing my best to change the way I perform them each week to keep things interesting for myself. Yesterday was no different! I hit shoulders and triceps which is a fun workout for me to do. I kept things somewhat basic and started out with dumbbell presses pushing for some very high reps to switch things up a bit. Although I enjoy moving heavy weight, pushing myself to accomplish sets with extremely high reps of 20+  is just as motivating and challenging. I truthfully really enjoyed this workout and hope you guys do as well! The full routine went as followed:

 Warm up: lateral raise X reverse fly's 3 X 12-15 each (These should be done with rather light weight) 

1) Seated dumbbell presses 4 X FAILURE (Aim for as many reps as possible each set. All four sets of mine were between 20-30 reps) *I was using 50lb dumbbells 

2) Arnold front raises 4 X 12-15 (These are similar to any other front raise except that the height the dumbbells are raised is much higher. The key here is to really control the weight on the descending part of the rep which is more challenging than standard front raises due to the height of the dumbbell) 

3) Lateral raise complex: Moving from one set directly to the next with NO breaks between until you have completed all three. REPEAT 3X Rep ranges 20/15/10 (For reference, my dumbbells used were 20-30lbs) 

4) Seated dumbbell press w/ Supinated grip 3 X 15-20 

5) Dumbbell skull crushers 4 X 12-15 

6) Dumbbell kickbacks 3 X 12-15 


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