Shoulders & Arms 10/23

Shoulders & Arms 10/23

Thursday already?! Maaaan this week is flying by! It's honestly crazy to think about how the holidays are around the corner. Even crazier to think we'll be entering a new decade in just about two months lol. 

So yesterday was business as usual. Tuesday was a cardio only day for me so haven't hit the weights since Monday. Yesterday was a pretty damn good shoulder and arm workout. 

I usually always like to start these workouts with a standing military press but all the racks where taken. If you know me, you know I don't wait for equipment to open up lol. I just get on with he workout and keep things moving. 

Having said that, I went with a seated shoulder press machine to start the workout off. All in all yesterday I worked with higher reps on pretty much everything (High reps do't mean light weight) I also worked in a couple really good supersets of mine. It was a solid session over all. You know the drill though, I'll post the full workout below for you guys. Any questions on ANYTHING email me directly at


1) Seated shoulder press 20(warm up) 20/12/10

*Switch grips to supinated grip (Palms facing your head) 8/12/12 

2) EZ bar front raise overhand superset with underhand 20/20 20/20 15/15

3) Reverse cable fly superset with dumbbell shrugs 20/20 20/15 15/15 10/ (drop the weight perform 15 more reps) then continue on over to shrugs 15. 

4) Dumbbell lateral raise 15/12/10 (drop the weight ten lbs perform ten reps, drop the weight ten lbs AGAIN perform ten reps) 


1) Single arm dumbbell preacher curls 12/10/8

2) Single arm tricep pushdowns (underhand) 20/20/20

3) EZ bar overhead extensions 20/12/12 superset with EZ bar "21's" 

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