Shoulders & Arms  10/28

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Shoulders & Arms 10/28

What’s goin onnnnn guys?! Hope you all enjoyed the wonderful weekend we had.. Especially all the rain that we got yesterday NOT lol.

After a pretty unsuccessful fishing trip Saturday, Sunday was a pretty chilled out day for myself. Checked in with my online clients, got my session in, ran some errands.. Nothing too crazy but I’m hoping to get out and do something outdoors this coming weekend!

Nonetheless, today was a productive start to the week! Got in an awesome training session with my guy Steve. We actually hit a workout together for my channel about a week ago. Link to that full video is here:

Tonight’s workout was a little different. The above workout starts off with some VERY heavy pressing, but tonight we switched things up and went with some higher rep sets on the military press. We moved onto a few different shoulder exercises, one of which involving a superset and we then finished the workout with some arms performing four exercises total there. 

This was a really great workout with a wholeeeeee lotta reps to it. By the time we were finished the pump was filthy!! Let me know what you guys think of this one if you give it a go. The full routine went as followed. As always feel free to reach out to me with any questions on anything! Email me directly here:


1) Standing military press 20/15(warm up sets)

14/11/10/10 working sets at 75% of your max weight. I used 135lbs for all four sets

2) Dumbbell front raises 12/12/10/10

*These were done using a supinated grip. (Thumbs facing ceiling) 

3) Reverse cable flys Superset rope attachment face pulls 20/15 20/15 20/15 20/15

(Lots of reps on these. For me, higher reps work best for any rear self exercise) 

4) Dumbbell lateral raises 30/30/30/30

*This was a KILLER finish for shoulders. I hit all four sets using 25lb dumbbells. Try to keep these reps as clean as possible. Focus on keeping your pinky’s towards the ceiling, as if your pouring water out of a glass. 


1) Machine preacher curls 20/12/8 drop set 10

2) Tricep dip machine 25/15/12 drop set 10

3) Dumbbell hammer curls 15/15/12/10

4) Dumbbell kick backs 20/15/12

5) Reverse barbell curls (Forearms) 15/12/12 


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