Shoulders & Arms 10/9

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Shoulders & Arms 10/9

Much like earlier this week, yesterdays workout was very successful! I knew before even starting that it was going to be a great session just based off how I was feeling. One thing I would advise to those of you reading is this.. You aren't going to feel your best every single workout.. Its just how it goes. However, you will have days that you feel pretty damn good.. better than normal. Its these days that you really need to take advantage and push yourself to the max. These are the days you'll get the most out of yourself and you'll be able to make some real noise in the gym( Not literally, unless you're a vocal lifter like me) 

Shoulders and arms have been really fun workouts for me as of late. Being they are smaller body parts, I change up my exercises a bit more frequently as oppose to my larger muscle groups. I still aim to go as heavy as I can but I play around with the number of reps and exercises a bit more. 

I came out very strong yesterday starting things off with standing military presses. Just a week or so ago, I managed to max out at 175lbs. Yesterday, I walked away with two almost three reps! This exercise wasn't something I always did. If I'm being honest I only adopted it about two years ago and since then have seen a good amount of upper body growth from it. It is a challenging and intimidating exercise but I do highly believe in it. If you've never done so before, just start! Don't worry about the weight as that will come in time. Get the movement down and stay consistent!

Enough talk from me though, I know you guys want the workout so here you go! As always I'm open to any and all questions in regards to these workouts. All you have to do is email me at Talk to you guys soon! 


1) Overhead military press 20/15/10(warm up sets)


My weights used: 175lbs/165lbs/155lbs/135lbs

2) Dumbbell front raises using supinated grip 15/12/12

3) Upright row superset with dumbbell lateral raise 12/15 12/15 10/12 12/20

4) Reverse cable flys 20/20/20/15/15


1) Machine preacher curls 12/10/8/8 (Slow negatives on these) 

2) Tricep pushdowns V attachment 12/10/8/8

3) Dumbbell hammer curls 10/8/8

4) Close grip bench press 12/5/5/5

4) Tricep rope pushdowns superset rope curls 20/20 20/20 15/15 

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