Shoulders & Arms  8/26/19

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Shoulders & Arms 8/26/19

What’s up guys! If you’re following myself over on Instagram: @antconfessore. I promised you all tonight’s FULL workout would be posted up and I’m here to see that promise through! As I’m going through this new training split of mine that I’m really digging I’m sharing as much as I can to show the progress I make a long the way. That way, if any of you find your workouts to be stale you can try something new! So let’s get to it!

Tonight I had the pleasure of putting a long time  childhood friend of mine through a workout and I made sure to put something challenging together! We started the workout off with standing Dumbbell presses. I am a HUGE fan and advocate of performing this exercise standing vs seating due to the amount of core recruitment it brings to the table. As well as the fact it forces you to utilize way more stabilizer muscles throughout the exercise, that plus it looks way more bad ass lol.

We quickly followed this up with a “giant set” of lateral raises. This involved moving from one weight increment to the next to the next to the next with NO rest between. Once we wrapped this up we implemented a superset for our rear delt movement and cranked out some decently high reps. Our shoulders were on FIRE at this point but we went back to finish things off with ANOTHER press before moving onto arms!

Once we got done with shoulders, our upper bodies were already pumped beyond belief but we still had arms to do. Tonight I went ahead and implemented one superset for both triceps and biceps and performed three sets of each. Our arms could barely move at this point but we finished things off with a few sets of reverse curls to work some forearms into the mix!

I’m a big believer in training every single muscle group. I don’t skip ANYTHING! All in all this was a phenomenal workout and I hope you guys enjoy it if you decide to give it a try. I’ll post the full routine below! If you guys have any questions feel free to reach out via Instagram DM or email me directly at! Talk to you guys soon! 

Full routine: 

-Standing Dumbbell press 20/15(warm up sets)

15/12/10/8 drop set 15

-Dumbbell lateral raises “giant set fashion” 


Reps: 20/15/12/10 

NO rest between weights! Complete this three times through 

-Seated high row for rear delts Superset with Seated rope attachment face pulls 

20/15 20/15 15/12

-Seated smith machine press 

20/15/12 drop set 12

-Tricep dip machine superset rope attachment behind head extensions 

20/12 10/12 10/12

-EZ bar curls superset alternating Dumbbell hammer curls 

20/12 15/10 15/8

-Reverse barbell curls(Forearms)


Thank you guys for reading! I hope you enjoy this routine if you decide to try it!

Anthony Confessore

Owner: Confessore Conditioning 

"Create The Best You" 

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