Shoulders & Arms 9/17

Shoulders & Arms 9/17

Well it’s been about a month since I started this new training split of mine and I really have to say I am absolutely loving the results I’m getting from it. My strength has sky rocketed over the past month which is always nice to see. Although my physical goals are more bodybuilding oriented, I do still enjoy training for strength in addition to them. As of right now I am planning on competing again during the 2020 season with the WNBF(World Natural Bodybuilding Federation)

If you don’t know, I’ve competed twice before. Once in 2014, the other time being in 2017 so by the time next year comes around, it will be three years since I’ve stepped onto a bodybuilding stage. Being a natural bodybuilder, this long time away from competing is crucial considering progress comes at a much slower rate.

I feel very good going into the next few months and believe I am in a very good spot physically to bring my absolute best to the stage the next time I compete. The two competitions I have done have both been 13 week preps which were very short and rushed. I will be anxious to see how I fair giving myself 16-20 weeks to prepare this time around!

Enough about competing! The real reason I’m sure you’re reading this is for the workout I promised you guy’s lol. So yesterday’s workout consisted of shoulders and arms and it was easily one of my best sessions of the year! The volume and intensity was high as always. One thing you’ll notice is that the rep schemes used were also somewhat on the higher side. I want to make note of this because many people correlate “high” reps with “light” weight. Just because you guys may see me utilize high reps does NOT mean the weight is light.. My goal is to lift as heavy as possible for as many reps as possible. It’s as simple as that!

With that being said, I will post the entire routine for you guys below to try out. If you happen to have any questions on anything feel free to reach out to me directly via email at I’m looking forward to a productive rest of the week with training!


1)Seated hammer strength press

20/20(warm up) 15/12/12/12/

2)Reverse cable fly’s SS Rope face pulls

20/20 20/20 12/20 12/20

3)Barbell upright row 15/15/15/15

4)Dumbbell lateral raise 20/20/20/20


1) Close grip tricep pushdowns 30/20/12/12 drop 15

2) Straight bar cable curls 25/20/20/20

3) Close grip bench: 15/10/4/4

4) Hammer curls: 12/12/10 last set static holds 5 left 5 right 5 left 5 right 5 together

5) Close grip push ups on dumbbells SS Seated dumbbell curls 15/12 15/12 15/10

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