Shoulders & Arms 9/25

Shoulders & Arms 9/25

So this week started off a little rough in the gym. I had a failed attempt to set a new PR for myself on bench this past Monday. I'm confident the next time I take a crack at it I'll get the job done! I don't train for one rep maxs anyway, I just enjoy testing my strength from time to time on my main lifts.It's basically just a friendly competition with myself! I’ll always be “bodybuilder” at heart and my training style will always reflect that. 

Its about six weeks since I switched up my training. I really look forward to my workouts because although they may be considered somewhat “long” due to the amount of volume I use, they’re really enjoyable and I look forward to spending a couple hours in the gym(depending on what the day consists of) My lifts themselves usually take about 60-70 minutes, then if I have cardio or core work scheduled that could keep me there for another 30 mins or so. Regardless, I’ve been seeing tremendous progress so I don’t think I’ll be changing things up anytime soon! 

Yesterdays session was pretty damn great all around. Shoulders and arms have been one of my favorite workouts to hit lately because the pump is that good lol. I  Started off with standing military presses which are without a doubt one of the hardest exercises you can do. I honestly only started doing them consistently about two years ago and I can definitely say they have helped me add a lot of muscle to my upper body. I also believe its helped me out on my other lifts as well. I keep them in my routine regularly and make it a point to hit them once a week. I'll usually alternate between a barbell and dumbbell! 

Anyway, here's the full workout! Like I said I started off with some heavy pressing but this workout is filled with a nice variety of supersets, and a giant set as well. Give this routine a try and as always if you have any questions feel free to email me directly at 


  • Standing military press 20/15/12(warm up sets) 10/3/1/8/8/10 (work sets)
  • Dumbbell front raise supinated grip 12/12/10/15 (last set was performed with static holds, each arm performing 10 reps and then 5 reps together)
  • Dumbbell lateral raise giant set style 20/15/12/10 REPEAT 2X (no break between dumbbells)
  • Reverse cable flys Ss barbell shrugs 15/10 15/10 12/10 12/10


  • EZ bar preacher curls 12/10/8/8
  • EZ bar skull crushers 15/8/8 drop 10
  • Dumbbell hammer curls SS close grip push ups 15/15 12/15 10/15 15/15
  • Reverse barbell curls 15/15/12




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