Shoulders & Arms 9/30

Shoulders & Arms 9/30

Well yesterday’s workout definitely has me in a good mood! Little rough day on Sunday, I think I tweaked my left hamstring a little bit last week while doing vertical leg presses and I couldn’t really train legs as hard as I wanted to over the weekend because of it. Having said that, yesterday’s session definitely made up for it!!!

Shoulders and arms were in order and I came out VERY strong off the bat! Last week I took 165lbs for a triple on my standing military presses. Last night I managed to squeeze out not one but TWO more reps! Needless to say after that set I was on cloud nine and I hit a couple more heavy sets before moving on.

Training each muscle group twice a week has really been a lot of fun for me since I started doing so about two months ago now. It enables me to hit a wide variety of exercises/reps all within the same week. As per the shoulder portion of last night’s workout I worked in two different lateral variations, one by way of free weight and the other being on the cables. I prioritize my pressing movements and lateral exercises as I feel for me, they work best at building/shaping the muscles the make up the shoulder.

I’m not one of those guys that have a super small waist genetically (unfortunately) It is for this reason exactly that building a wide set of shoulders really helps my physique because it creates the illusion that my waist is smaller than it actually is. So for me, each time I train shoulders I usually alternate between two pressing and two lateral exercise variations to make them as wide and round as possible.

Once I was through with shoulders my upper body was already pumped beyond belief. I kicked off arms with some very high reps (20-30) before moving onto some heavier movements. I ALWAYS work on some sort of cable or machine to start my arm workouts. Even though my body is technically already “warm” I like to work the muscle directly first before hitting it hard with a barbell/dumbbell movement.

All in all this workout itself was phenomenal! I’m going to share the full routine below so you guys can try it out. If you have any questions about it feel free to email me directly at



1)Standing military press: 15/12(warm up) 10/5/5/5/5/10

My working weights were: 135lbs/165lbs/165lbs/155lbs/155lbs/135lbs

2) EZ bar upright row: 15/15/15/15

3) Seated Dumbbell lateral raise SS dumbbell reverse fly 15/12 15/12 15/12/15

*On the last set, after performing your reverse flys, go right back into laterals with 5-10lbs less than you used prior for another 15 reps

4)Seated rope attachment face pull 12/10/8 drop set 10

*Aim for a 2-3 second hold at the bottom of each rep, pull at LEAST to eyebrow level nothing lower

5) Cable lateral raise behind the back 20/20/15


1) EZ bar tricep pushdowns 30/25/20/12

2)Rope attachment cable curls 20/20/15/12 drop set 10

3)Close grip bench press 10/5/5/5

* Tried to go as heavy as possible, my working weight was 225lbs for the sets of 5

4)Standing barbell curl 12/10/10

5) Tricep rope attachment extensions (Back facing cable) SS cross body dumbbell hammer curls

 20/15 20/12 15/12

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