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Shoulders! First workout of 2020

Good morning guys! I hope everyone had a very safe and happy New Year yesterday. I had a little bit of a late start to the day from being up to watch the ball drop lol. I am happy with how last year went as I made leaps and bounds in just about every aspect of my life. However, I am ready to put 2019 to rest and get started working on my goals for 2020! #Progress. I started the year off on a positive note yesterday with a very productive shoulder workout. Got things started with some high volume presses before moving onto some higher rep super sets. Was able to bang out this workout in a little under an hours time. If you happen to be training shoulders in the next coming days give this routine a try! If you happen to have any questions you can reach me here: 

1) Seated dumbbell shoulder press (Increasing weight each set, drop weight after performing top set)

Warm up: 20/20

Work sets: 15/14/8/4/10/10/10  

2) Reverse cable flys super set with rope attachment face pulls (Mae sure to hold each rep at the bottom for 2-3 seonds on the face pulls!)

20/15 20/15 20/15 15/12 

3) Dumbbell laterals 30/30/30 (Just because its high rep, doesn't mean its light weight. I use 25-30lbs on these ) 

4) EZ bar front raises using underhand grip super set with machine shrugs 

15/12 15/12 15/10 15/10 

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