Shoulders & Tris 1/30

Shoulders & Tris 1/30

Hey guys, so I decided to bring tonight’s workout up on the blog. As I approach the five month post op mark from pec year surgery my workouts are much more “normal” than they were a couple months ago so I want to start to share them here again for you all! 

If you have questions regarding the workout, why something was done a certain way, etc. Be sure to reach out. Anything written out is EXACTLY what I did myself so these workouts are tailored to me and my specific goals but you’re more than welcome to try anything you are on here. Hope you all crush the last day of the month tomorrow! 💪

Warm up: 

10 minutes of the following 

- Upper body dynamic stretching 

- Band work/Spine rotations 

The workout:

1) Reverse pec deck (Two warm up sets) 15-20 reps

3X12 reps at a challenging weight.

2)Seated DB shoulder press

4X8-12 reps working up in weight each set. Dropping weight on the last set. (Working sets for me were 55lbs-65lbs)

3)Seated DB lateral raise 4X12 (Performing these seated to minimize swinging, pick a challenging weight you can maintain good form with. For me this was 30lbs)

4)Hammer Strength shrugs 3X8-10 (Worked up to 3 plates a side. Make sure you’re able to get a good squeeze at the top of each rep. These should not be super fast “Up & down” sloppy reps)

5)DB front raise w/ supinated grip 4X12-15 reps (Last set I switched grips to a palm down grip to change the feel)


1)EZ bar push down 3X12 reps (Pick a challenging weight)

2)Seated single arm Overhead DB ext. 3X12 (These should be slow and controlled since we are working behind the head. You DON’T need a lot of weight! I was only using 20lbs)


1)Seated/Standing calve raise 3X10 (Working up in weight)

2)Tibia machine 2X20 (Pick a weight you can get at least 15 reps for as I find higher rep ranges work best here)

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