Time for something new!

Time for something new!

I'm changing my training split: 

As many of you know from my consistent posts, I have been utilizing the same training split for quite some time. My reason for having not changed anything is really quite simple. I like to train very instinctively. By that mean I do what feels good and what I like! So I haven’t switched up my training in nearly two years because I’ve thoroughly enjoyed it that much. However, after some recent reconsideration I have finally decided to switch things up a bit.

My last workout split consisted of the following:

 Sunday: Quads/Hams

Monday: Chest

Tuesday: Back

Wednesday: Arms

Thursday: Hams/Quads

Friday: Shoulders

Saturday: (Train whatever I choose to)

I really enjoyed this split because it allowed me to focus on one muscle group per day and going all out on it. Being that I love training with absurdly high volume, this split allows for you to completely smash the given muscle group of the day with plenty of time for recovery between sessions. The other reason I also liked it is the “free” day on Saturday gave me the opportunity to train whatever I wanted to! (Aside from legs) I do eventually see myself moving back to this since I enjoyed it so much but for now I’ll be following something completely different.

This new training split I started as of this weekend has a completely different structure to it. Basically it involves training every muscle group TWICE A WEEK! Talk about a workout lol. Given the fact I will be training each muscle group twice a week, the amount of volume performed per session will be slightly less than I was performing on my old split. It’s also very different in the sense that I will be hitting multiple muscle groups together on the same day.

Here’s what the split looks like as a whole:

 Sunday: Cardio no weights

Monday: Chest/Back

Tuesday: Quads/Hamstrings

Wednesday: Shoulders/Arms

Thursday: Cardio no weights

Friday: Hamstrings/Quads

Saturday: Back/Chest

 As you can see, both splits are quite different. Just to be clear, I am not changing my training because I stopped seeing results, I’m changing it to simply try something new and see how my body responds to it. I don’t believe our training needs to constantly change, if you like what you do and are seeing the results you desire then do you! Only change things if and when you have the desire to. I’m looking forward to seeing how this plays out and will keep you guys updated! For fun, below is the workout I did yesterday for chest and back. If you’re looking to try something new give this routine a go! If you have questions feel free to reach out via email at confessoreconditioning@gmail.com 


Talk to you guys soon!

 Anthony Confessore

Owner: Confesore Conditionig

“Create The Best You”



Tonights FULL leg routine:

Bike warm up: 10 minutes


1)Leg Extensions 20(warm up) 20/15/12/8/8 drop set 10 reps


2)Back squats 12/10/10/10/8 drop set 15


My weights: 135/225/275/315/345/225


3)Seated hamstring curls 20/20/15/12


4)Leg press 30/30/30

*Avoid completely locking out your knees to keep tension on the quads.


5)Seated calve raises 20/15/12/12


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