What is "Health SZN"?

What is "Health SZN"?

What is the true meaning of "Health SZN"?

Why does it matter ?

From the very beginning of my fitness journey I learned quickly that in order to gain the muscle size and strength I wanted I would need to eat food and a lot of it.. The concept of being in a surplus of calories was very simple to understand much like how when a person is attempting to lose weigh/body fat they must be in a caloric deficit. As years passed I went on to follow the typical route of “bulking” and “cutting” each year. That was until about a year ago, which was the time that I got tired of having to constantly “Get into shape” and I began thinking to myself how much easier life would be if I just simply stayed in it !

 It was from that moment that Health SZN was born! Simply put, the concept of Health SZN is to go against the whole idea of bulking and cutting which has been apparent in the fitness industry for many years and in my opinion is not a healthy practice. Constantly coming up and down in body weight for years on end can cause health problems later on in life. The human body is not meant to fluctuate in weight so rapidly and it’s in our best interest to maintain a healthy weight year round. Being healthy is not a part time job and it should not be treated like one. Yes there are times and places to enjoy food that aren’t so healthy aka “cheat meals” but for the majority of the time we should be eating to live not living to eat. What this means, is that we should be eating things that are actually beneficial to us, things that can actually improve our health and quality of life. Health SZN is about being healthy and fit year round not just at times or when it’s convenient.

 For myself, my goals have changed dramatically over the years. I use to want to be as big and muscular as physically possible.. But that was in my younger years when I hadn’t obtained the knowledge I do now on the subject. Being extremely “large” is not healthy. Our hearts and other organs are not meant to pump blood to a body as big as some people carry. Being muscular, fit, lean are things I aim for now a days and I feel as though my life is better since doing so. Personally, I strive to be as healthy as I possibly can be. I am well aware that my time on earth is limited and I value it. I aim to do everything I can to help me stay here as long as I can and enjoy life without the restraint of health related issues.

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