What Training Frequency Is Best ?

What Training Frequency Is Best ?

How often should you train ?

•This question is commonly spoke about and there really are so many different view points on the subject. However I can only offer my advice and what has worked well for me as a natural bodybuilder. When I first began training at around the age of 12/13 years old, I was in the gym training about 3-4 times a week which for a beginner I believe to be an optimal amount of time in the gym. However, eventually you won’t be able to be considered a beginner and the only way for you to make progress will be to eventually push your body to new limits in order to continue seeing results ! At this point I’ve been training for about ten years. Throughout that time I have utilized a variety of different training splits and frequencies. Most currently I am training seven days a week consistently! 


Do I have to train seven days a week to see results like yours ? 

• In all honesty the answer is no. You do not have to train as much as I do to see your body change the way you wish to. For me, training in the gym is very emotional. It’s therapeutic and is what I look forward to most every single day. I love the feeling I have inside the gym and moving weights and pushing myself to new limits. Quite honestly you could say it’s similar to the feeling a drug addict would have while utilizing a certain drug. It has also taken my body a long time to adjust to my current training frequency and intensity which is something you should keep in kind. You have to work your way up to certain things in the gym and should not attempt to tackle them if you aren’t ready. If you have in fact been training for a while at 5-6 times a week and are curious as to what training 7 days a week would feel like then by all means give it a go and try it! At the end of the day my personal opinion is this, you need to take the time to learn your self and your body and find what feels right for you. Like I mentioned I only train as much as I do because I genuinely love it more than anything else in life. Follow what feels right when it comes to your body and you won’t ever steer yourself wrong ! Nobody will ever know your body better than you. 


Anthony Confessore 

Owner: Confessore Conditioning 

“Create The Best You” 

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