Why you NEED to be deadlifting

Why you NEED to be deadlifting

 For a newcomer to the gym, it can be pretty intimidating the first time you play witness to someone in the act of “deadlifting”. Depending on how much weight is on the bar, you could actually be slightly frightened. The truth is, deadlifts are one of the best exercises one can do. There are numerous benefits to the deadlift, making it a must do exercise in everyone’s training regime (at least in my opinion) Let’s look at some of the benefits in more detail though.

Extreme fat burning: Due to the extremely intense nature of a deadlift, it places our body under an immense amount of stress. As we’re deadlifting, numerous muscles are being recruited all at once. Why does this matter? This allows us to burn maximum calories during the exercise making it a highly effective option for those looking to burn excessive amounts of body fat. Weight/fat loss, all breaks down to “calories in VS calories out”. This is important to take into consideration because the last thing you want to do is waste time and energy on ineffective exercises that may look “cool” but hardly burn any calories or offer any real functional benefit.

Core stability: The deadlift is a very demanding exercise in many different ways. One of which is the way it demands us to utilize our core throughout the entire exercise. As we’re performing the deadlift, it’s imperative to execute each rep properly and focus on keeping our back straight, chest up and shoulders back. If we fail to properly engage our core, this can lead to injury very quickly. A strong core will literally translate into every other exercise performed in the gym. Building a strong core and having proper posture is something that will also eventually transition into our everyday life as we age. Many people tend to become hunched over as they grow older which is due to having poor posture and a weak posterior chain/core.

 More bang for your buck: When we deadlift, we’re recruiting multiple muscles at the same time. Why does this matter? Well if you are looking to get bigger or stronger need I say more? Deadlifting allows us to put our body in a position to lift maximum weight. This extreme overload is crucial for building muscle, strength and power. Our backs, legs, shoulders and arms are all being worked simultaneously during the deadlift.  If that isn’t enough, you’ll also be working on your grip strength which can aid in many other pulling exercises in the gym as well various sports which require a strong grip such as wrestling jiu jitsu etc.

“Okay I get it. There’s a lot of benefits but I’m still not convinced”

How else can I convince you to start deadlifting? ITS PRIMAL. Think about it. The actual act of bending down to pick something up. Children do it, men and women of all ages do it. You’ll do it in almost every profession at some point, sports you name it! Bending down to pick something up is something we ALL do at one point or another. Toddlers themselves will bend over to pick up a toy.. It’s simply a movement pattern we instinctively do from our early years which is exactly why we should continue doing it. It’s functional and its healthy. So long as you have no limiting injuries (Which there are still ways to deadlift if you do) you SHOULD BE deadlifting regularly.. So if you’re not, get to it because you won’t regret it!

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